Split System Air Conditioners

A Split System will air condition one room or single area of your home. A split system is a cost effective and easy way to take the edge off temperature extremes. 

As the name also implies, split system air conditioners are split into two main units. The two parts are distinguished by inside: the evaporative heat exchanger that blows air into your room, and the outside: condensing heat exchanger.

Split System Air Conditioners
Split System Air Conditioners Durban

Benefits of a Split System Air Conditioner

  • Good investment year round as they include a reverse cycle setting
  • Perfect for one area or room
  • No need for ducts in your ceiling as they deliver air directly from the air conditioning unit
  • Units are sleek and can be mounted on the wall, floor or inside the ceiling
  • Energy efficient
  • Quiet operation
  • Often include air purifying and dehumidifying features
  • Solution includes a remote control
Power to adjust the airflow to every room

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